Chimamanda Adichie angrier about sexism than racism –

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Chimamanda Adichie was a guest in Esquire Townhouse, United Kingdom, where she touched racism although she feels more comfortable talking about it than about sexism.

Author in chat with Esquire's Chief Editor Alex Bilmes explains when her master said: "You say you're angry about sexism than about racism."

She mentioned that the need to give obvious reasons why women are disadvantaged can be a bit tense.

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But she does not perceive this reaction when she talks about racism.

“I said that because in my own personal space, the people I love, the people with whom I am close, my family, my friends, get the race. So I never had to do business, because something was racist.

“So, I am among friends, white people, black people, Asian people, Latin Americans, and when something happens to Black, immediately, we will all get it.

“But with sex, I find that with people I love, I am constantly expected to make it happen, ways of reducing women, ways in which authority in women is valued much more than authority in a man.

“And people constantly ask me, I love. Therefore, I am not talking about anonymous people to do this thing, and it becomes emotionally tedious.

"Because, I do not feel that I have such light support that I have when I am talking about the race."

Feminist views of Adiches can be misleading women

Chimamanda Adichie & # 39; s thoughts of feminism seems to be focused on social change and reform, but the presidential candidate believes he can mislead women.

Eunice Atweyde, founder National Interest Party was on an interview with Cool FM & # 39; s Panic freezingIn her conversation, she talked about not subscribing to the idea of ​​feminism and the threat posed by the author.

“I think she is an extremist and sometimes misleading many of our girls. In fact, several times when I actually agree with her, but most of the time I love “oh my God! ". I hope our women will not necessarily talk too much about what she says, because some of them may turn around and bite them in the ass " says Aweyde, whose interest is more connected with the existence of a functional society, rather than the struggle for women.

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