Cattle dealers complain of low patronage in Kano

Some of the cattle traders in Kano, who sold pets such as goats, sheep and cows, were selling on the eve of Sallah, complaining of a low level of patronage.

Some of them, who spoke at the Information Agency of Nigeria (NAS) on Sunday in Kano, complained that their hopes for a lively business were broken because of the poor state of the national economy.

Malam Ali Sani, a merchant in the Yangadaki market in the local government district of Kumboso, said that they had to sell some of the sheep on credit because of the slow pace of business.

Another animal seller, Haladou Yusuf, in the cattle market in Ghana in the Nazarava district of Kano, lamented the same situation and explained the development of non-payment of wages by many employers, which led to low purchasing power of potential customers

He said that, although similar successes were achieved in previous years, the most difficult of 2018.

An animal husbandry dealer in the Tarauni cattle market, Malam Sani Ali, also said that the business did not move as expected, since the largest cost of the tank was about N110,000, and the smallest was N30,000.

Ali, however, said that animal prices increased by an average of 40-80 percent compared to what they received last year, adding that the same size of the bar that is now sold for N100,000 was sold for about N70,000 last year.

Sidu Bako, the dealer, also said that this year, it may not be possible to get huge profits from the business due to low sales, but hoped that the situation might change.

"People come to buy sheep and goats; some came in groups and bought cows to share among themselves.

"By this time last year, I sold about 45 rams over several days to Sallaah, but as I am now talking to you, I sold only 15," he complains.

Tadjudin Sule, a buyer in the Yan-dawaki cattle market, said he was on the market for the second day, but could not afford the price.

"I was here on Saturday, but I can not buy, because the same size that I bought last year for N30 000, is sold for N40,000. I'm here today prepared to see that I'll get one, "he said.

Another buyer, Garba Dauda, ​​expressed the hope that prices will fall when more sheep drown markets between today and tomorrow.

He said that medium and large sheep are now sold at higher prices compared to last year.

Meanwhile, prices for chicken, fruits, beans, vegetable oil, rice and perishable items did not record any significant increase.

NAN also observed that chicken salesmen, however, made lively sales, as many people are now going for it.

It was noticed that several rams were dragged into the metropolis of Kano by sellers, who were also looking for potential buyers.

Eidel-Kabir is a festival annually celebrated by Muslims all over the world, with the offer of sheep as a sacrifice. (NAN)

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