Carsbazr announces live auction in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt

Nigeria’s pioneer platform for sale of verified locally used cars, Carsbazr has announced its weekly car auction cross three major cities – Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Carsbazr live auction photo

The auction which was setup for individuals to bid and win carsat very affordable prices has grown to become Nigeria’s first and largest Car Auction platform.

The live auction holds every Saturday in different strategic locations. Upcoming ones will hold on 17th November in Lagos &Abuja, 24th November in Lagos (Circle mall, Lekki) and 1st December in Lagos & Port Harcourt.

Speaking on the live auction, Chief Executive Officer of Cars45, EtopIkpe said: “This event is more than just auctions and bidding, we are trying to promote automobile buying andselling in Nigeria. And with all hands-on deck, we are committed to making ithappen weekly.”

Started over3 months ago, the Weekly Live Auction has caught on with the automobile community in Nigeria, and it has continued to put smiles onparticipant’s faces through access to affordable quality vehicles.

Since inception, hundreds of cars have been won through the auction. The auction has seen a bidder smile home with a ToyotaCamry for just 50,000 naira at the Daily Times Lot during one of the auctions, while another participant won a KIACerato for 350,000 naira.

“It’s my first time of coming here, I never knew something like this existed. I am now a proud owner of acar at an unbelievable price, thanks to Carsbazr for this great opportunity,” said IfechichiMbatoya, aparticipant who won the Toyota Camry at the September auction.

Carsbazr which is known for selling locally used cars, verified and certified by Cars45 said it is proud to be aleading giant in the Nigerian Automobile industry, providing aspiring car buyers the opportunity to buy carsat affordable rate through its auction process.

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