The future starts here. Get them at this age with the right knowledge and education then you can almost go to bed with your eyes fully close. Have u grabbed a copy?


While it is always rigorous for adults to make up their minds on career paths, it is often herculean for teenagers, because a child wants to be everything and anything: from wanting to be a tree or a lion to becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Nurse, Ben 10, Frozen, Superman, Cat-girl, Architect, Journalist, Dancer, Cook, etc., it is a very complex choice pattern! In one month, a child can become all of the above.

Yet, we must find ways to explain this process as simple as possible by providing pieces of information about these professions and allow kids fantasize for a while. (Let them be kids)…

This “CAREER HANDBOOK FOR KIDS” is written in a creative ways to hold the attention of our kids and point them in the right directions, yet allow them to express their full potentials.