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Anyone remotely familiar with Boogey‘s projects or features will admit to the intricacy of his pen game, but can he deliver a well layered and urban project? that is the question he seeks to answer on this joint effort with usual collaborator, Charlie X.

Boogey has come a long way from when he came second to Blaqbonez in Terry tha rapman‘s ”Zombie rap competition” in February 2012, before going ahead to release his debut project ”Artificial Intelligence” later same year.

It is six years down the line and Boogey is here with his seventh studio project [six solo efforts and one joint project with Paybac, ”Faceoff”], another collaborative effort with the masked producer, Charlie X.


Boogey teams up with Charlie X on his seventh studio effort, ”Never Enough” (Instagram/BoogeyThat)


In those years, Boogey has gone the entire circles of the industry, and fresh off the release of his ”Nouveau Niveau” project released earlier this year, ”Never Enough” is another animal on its own, maintaining his hold as one of the most consistent independent rappers on the scene.

The project opens with the title track, and the first few seconds paint a picture of the concept behind the project as Boogey and Charlie X share a phone call, then the sparse and bouncy beat kicks in as Boogey goes into an onslaught on fans who say there are no more rappers in the game, explaining why the project had to be done.

”My small fanbase grown from the ground, no manager, no label, no funds, and I feel like I’m alone”

On the next track ‘Versus’, he features two young talents, Austiin and Soul Scrollz, where at first listen, it seems as if he is throwing shots at a certain rap veteran when he rhymes,

”Went from pioneer to copying trends, you still a genius but not with the pen, not even a trace of hip-hop in your skin, don’t you ever speak on the topic again”

While also admitting that he can’t possibly win, but Boogey insists the verse wasn’t particularly directed at anyone and was just an internal battle.

”It’s just the present me speaking to a projection of what I could become if successful, obviously based on observation of rappers in general.” he says.

The joint is so hard and the guest vocalists also came through.

”Never Enough” is a tad different from previous Boogey projects, and there is no other record that typifies this more than ‘Queen’ featuring Pasha, where the rapper is rhyming over a dancehall inspired instrumental.

‘The Universe is a Big Fat Baby’ is the story-telling joint where alongside Mon Lee and Paybac, they talk about a complicated relationship.


Boogey revels in lyricism and wit yet again on ‘Never Enough’ (Instagram/BoogeyThat)

‘Lazarus’ is the tape’s alpha moment, the contemporary bouncy beat was totally unexpected as Boybreed and Onosz announce that the Boogeyman is back again. He goes double time on the delivery, but the hook is the real killer here, and this may just be that radio single that fits into the drive home playlist as Boogey asks, ”do you want to hear bars over beat?”

The tape closes with ‘Running’ featuring Tetta, where he again take shots at his ‘idols’ who have turned into rivals.

Lyrically, conceptually and production-wise, this is one of the finest offerings from Boogey’s solid discography. It is like he finally found a balance to his art as this project offers many replayable moments.

Either displaying his lyrical prowess on ‘Versus’, showing his versatility on ‘Queen’ or just going over the radar as he achieved on ‘Lazarus’, Boogey seemed not to be able to do any wrong and keeping the tape to just six tracks helped not to stretch his technique in a way that it drifts into the realm of losing that shock and appealing vibe.


Charlie X has worked with Boogey on projects like ‘T.I.N.A.A’. ‘Faceoff’ and ‘Never Enough’ (Instagram/CharlieX)

The beats are nothing short of what we have come to expect of Charlie X, who is one of the most talented and hardworking individuals that the game has witnessed in the last couple of years [a random search on SoundCloud will confirm this], and just like he scored winners on his last project delegating hook duties to collaborators, the guests vocalists on the tape were well selected to complement the bars he was bringing.

Given how hip-hop has delivered the highest number of projects this year across genres despite the criticism that has trailed its state and the late arrival of this tape, ”Never Enough” will likely not get the recognition it deserves in the bigger mainstream conversations, but Boogey knows his fans, they may be few, but they are loyal.

And what he strived to achieve on the tape is an artistic statement to all those who label his style as rigid or boring and over 23mins, this is reflected in full grandeur and the more you listen, the more it is appreciated as a hearty and well thought-of offering.


Rating: 4/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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