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Bomoi opens campaign office to slug it out with Buni

Only 72 hours after the outgoing state governor of Yoba, Alhaji Ibrahim Gaydam appointed Mai Mal Buni to succeed in this, another contender, Ibrahim Boma opened the election office to release him along with him.

Mr. Boma, who opened his campaign officer less than one kilometer from the government house, stormed Damatura with hundreds of supporters who captured the main street.

During the opening of the office along the Maiduguri road, the graduate student said he was not discouraged to challenge, even when the governor anointed the National Secretary, who is from the same zone with the incumbent governor.

"We opened Yobe South offices in Potiskum, Yobe East in Damatura, and soon we will discover Yobe North in Gashua," he said.

Alhaji Usman Sale Jauro, leader of Cambodia's Ibrahim Boma campaign, lamented that the governor's decision to lure Buni exposed his injustice and a selfish agenda to continue to rule the state.

"Since the establishment of the state of Yobe, the entire elected governor of the east-senate zone of Yobe, in addition to the late Mamman Ali, who spent only 18 months out of 22 years, led by democratic rulers.

"In addition, all ministerial, ambassadors and party appointments for the state were occupied by people from Yobe East. For this reason, we, the people of the south of Yubo, with a strong agreement with faithful believers from the north, are lagging behind Bomoy's desire, "he said.

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