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Black House Media (BHM), the leading global communications and PR organization, published its main findings on the Nigerian PR industry in its PR-community report in 2018.

The BHM annual report, which is now in its third year, contains information on key areas in the PR industry in Nigeria. Report compiled by the research department of the company BHM research and exploration (Bri) in collaboration with Brentt Consulting a leading marketing research organization and Africa’s first trading platform Plaqad Incorporated,

The Nigerian PR report includes a comprehensive analysis of data on issues such as agency size, years of operation, annual PR revenues, annual PR costs, customer portfolio, serviced companies, entry skills, state of the Nigerian PR industry, and prospects industry according to various industry professionals. It also contains a code of ethics for the Nigerian public relations industry.

Infographics report on Nigeria in 2018

Infographics report on Nigeria in 2018


The third edition of the public relations report provides useful information and also offers a strategic approach to put Nigeria on a global PR card, encouraging documentation of reliable industry data and information.

In accordance with Lola Talabi They, Managing director, Brentt Consulting, "It is necessary to document the growth and development of the Nigerian PR industry, using data and information from practitioners. We noted that there is a gap in the market, which can only lead to the provision of data similar to those that were compiled in the Nigeria report."

Speaking about the release of the 2018 PR Report of Nigeria, the founder and CEO of BHM, Ayeni Adekunle noted that, "The Nigerian PR report brings what we badly need to save our business: data. We need to know what happened, what is happening, how it happened, why it happened. This information will allow us to make informed decisions in relation to individual enterprises and the industry as a whole."

Nigeria PR Report is the first ever public relations report on the collection, timing and analysis of data on trends, perceptions, problems and prospects in the industry.

Click Here is for downloading the 2018 report.

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