Basketmouth drags NAHCO staff on Instagram –


Basketmouth does not have good words for some NAHCO employees when he drags them to Instagram.

I wonder why he calls them on social networks? The bottom line is that Basketmus is not happy that these guys are still breaking into the baggage belonging to travelers and stealing from them. He made his dissatisfaction on his Instagram page on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

"I want to use this environment to assess the NAHCO, you guys have done excellent with our baggage at the airport ….. however I suggest you advise your employees a little shame … just a little, I'm not asking too much. Breaking the passengers checked in the luggage is not romantic … it's 2018. Charity begins @ at home, and not in the luggage of the passengers of the airline », He wrote.

This will not be the first time that a celebrity will call airport personnel in Nigeria for stealing property. We can all recall back in December 2017, when Tiva Savage showed that her baggage was stolen at the airport in Lagos.

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Tiwa Savage shows how her luggage was stolen at the airport of Lagos

Tiwa Savage's London pop-up window makes its mark in the city

Tiwa Savage's London pop-up window makes its mark in the city

(Instagram / tiwasavage)

As early as 2017, Tiva Savage told how her baggage was stolen at the airport in LagosThe most popular famous woman in 2017, known on her Instagram page, described how she was robbed on the runway of the airport in Lagos. The bottom line is that private jets landed at the international airport after 20:00 and were taxed on the executive hangar.

Tiva Savage

Tiva Savage

(Instagram / TiwaSavage)

Another plane was about to take off, so the plane was withheld, and it was at this point that the robbers opened the cargo door and stole the baggage belonging to her, and Wizkid. This is not the first time that the same problem has been raised, since Wizkid once showed how he lost his baggage at the airport.

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