A VELCRO Or TEFLON Personality Type, Do You Possess What Is Necessary To Succeed In Business?

No Matter What Your Personality Type Is, Whether You Fall Under The Classification Of VELCRO Or TEFLON, You Can Easily Be Effective In Business As Long As You Have The Desire And Drive To Be Successful.

Sticks and Stones… May break my bones… BUT names will certainly never ever harm me! Most of us discovered that when we were kids.

You could harm me physically which will certainly induce discomfort, however no matter regardless of what you must say to me – whatever upsetting words you toss at me – could not permeate me or place bruises on me or put slices on me. You can easily recover from those financial bruises.


adjective /tef,lan/. Able to resist criticism or attack without any noticeable impact.

– the leader of the crime family is referred to as the Teflon Don as a result of his acquittals in three prior trials.

Teflon® is a brand name of polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, a strong polymer that is considered to be among the worlds most slippery materials.


noun /velkro/.

A fastener for clothing or various other products, consisting of two strips of thin plastic sheet, one covered with very small loops and the other one having tiny flexible hooks, which will adhere when pressed together and can easily be separated when pulled apart intentionally.


Velcro third-person singular simple present Velcros, present participle Velcroing, simple past and past participle Velcroed.

-To fasten securely using Velcro…

Which Personality Type Do You Regard Yourself As?

A TEFLON personality type is somebody that allows life to merely slide right off of them. They do not appear to allow anything at all trouble them. They are extremely easy going and laid-back. Just imagine that over-easy egg easily sliding right out of that teflon skillet.

A VELCRO personalty type is somebody that appears to allow every little thing in the whole world trouble them. Every little thing just seems to adhere to them. They will appear to be extremely high strung and continual bellyachers. They can not allow anything to go. Just imagine a magnet and every little thing that you pass by that is metal flying right at you and adhering to you.

Do you know of anybody having either personality type? Try and think about it…

I personally know individuals much like this. I think I am someplace in the center.

Sometimes things will just worry the hell out of me… Sometimes things just remain with me and I can not seem to allow them go… Some things I simply take with a grain of salt… Some things that other people are bent all out of shape about does not appear to trouble me whatsoever… I can easily let the majority of things go and merely move on.


No Matter What Your Personality Type Is, You Can Be Successful With An Online Business.

It does not even matter what personality type you have. All you really require is the desire and drive to transform your life. And you must believe!


Your color or race.

Your religious beliefs.

Your age.

Whether you are timid or outgoing.

Your height.

Whether or not you completed high school or attended college.

Your sexuality.

If you used drugs.

If you did a sentence in prison.

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