A "Choice" to Quit Drinking


Those who try to stop drinking think that often basic thinking does not help them. Three or four alcohol or drugs later, a lot of consultations, and hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent just to find out that the relapse is part of the treatment, and “addiction to alcohol dependence” is with you forever! What kind? Then why go? Why stop drinking? If something does not give acceptable results, why continue?

Because we were convinced that alcohol addiction is a disease. We were told that the only way to “recover” or stop drinking is to attend the treatment and endless AA meetings for the rest of your life.

The truth is that most people who had problems with alcohol in the past stopped drinking on their own.

Even those who are currently trying to quit drinking will tell you that they often avoided drinking for a certain period of time.

There is no mysterious disease, it is a matter of choice.

You are in complete control right now! No one bothers you to crack this beer.

If you want to drink alcohol, you will. Addicts always find a way.

So why is an alternative to drinking (not drinking) alcohol so difficult to understand? We can choose beer when we want. But if we want to drink this beer and stop drinking, diseases, character flaws, meetings, consultations, etc., suddenly appear. To fight!

Many who had a problem with alcohol, quit drinking on their own and without any drama and struggle!

There is a wealth of information in general about the “recovery” process to stop drinking. With this huge information, I think we often lose sight of what is most important.

We can lose the place of individual differences and the dignity of all who try to stop drinking in order to get the help that is most beneficial for them to succeed in life. A variety of life experience opportunities, and we should not limit the possibilities for success in “recovery”, presenting only one view on how to stop drinking. We all have the right to choose and have all the opportunities and tools necessary for the life we ​​dream about without alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is a painful business. Because of the pain and struggle associated with drinking, we can endlessly search for one reason or heal to put an end to insanity. We fear and, through this fear, we cling to any information that we can find in order to lift us from our state.

Is there a way to succeed in the "recovery"? Who is right? Who is wrong?

When all is said and done, it does not matter which way you take to give up alcohol. This is your choice, your life. Find a way.

For some reason, you have given strength and control over alcohol. Drinking was your goal. This goal allowed you to control your fear and sense of helplessness.

Redefining a healthy fighting strategy when you quit drinking may take time and you will make mistakes. Do not go by yourself. Learn from your mistakes. You are more than alcohol addiction!

Those who try to stop drinking will continue to drink until they are convinced that they can live successfully without drinking alcohol.

Addiction as a choice does not avoid responsibility. Rather, he admits mistakes and gives the right to positive change when you decide to stop drinking.

So why can't people give up drinking when everything they say expresses what they want? They just feel they can't live without it.

They made the wrong choice for so long and depended on their use as a crutch. To quit drinking, they would have deprived them of the only constant they know:

The ability to control your fear and helplessness with the help of alcohol or drugs is how they are perceived as the most effective for their particular situation.

You have been drinking alcohol for so long to keep you from these stressors and emotions that you are wondering if you can still face them alone when you stop drinking. You doubt yourself and your abilities. How would you do it? Would you be overwhelmed with unwanted emotions? Can I live with the reality that I created this mess? How would I solve all this? It is safer to hide in a bottle than to watch it is unknown when you stop drinking.

“Someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction will continue to use until he or she is convinced that they can live life successfully without the use of alcohol or drugs.” Drug and alcohol addiction is more about why people think they cannot stop smoking than why people continue to drink or use drugs.

There are many people who continue to struggle to stop drinking. They struggle with AA or medication. These people may have been told that there is only one way to recover. What if they disagree with the current thinking about drug addiction, which is a disease, then they are in denial or they will never return or stop drinking.

They do not want to be called a “drug addict” forever or attend meetings for the rest of their lives to stop drinking. They do not want to continue talking about their past mistakes, but move on. They feel that their drinking does not make them powerless, but challenges them to a deeper understanding of why they use it.

There is hope, and there are alternatives to stop drinking. There is no disease, and you can recover forever.


Source by Timothy Welch

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