A 33-year-old whose agency connects billion-dollar brands like H&M and Dior with influencers explains her process for choosing the right person for the job – Finance

  • Influencer marketing according to forecasts, by 2020 will cost from 5 to 10 billion US dollars.
  • Socialyte was the first casting agency in the United States; it connects influential individuals and brands and promotes their campaigns in social networks.
  • Alexander says that influential people are just a "car" for promoting and selling the product.

Marketing Influencer is is being designed by 2020 will cost from 5 to 10 billion US dollars.

Socialyte is the first casting agency in the United States, formed in 2011, and with a network of more than 10,000 influential people around the world.

His 33-year-old founder, blogger Beca Alexander, began Socialyte, when the term "Influencer"Was another word for creating digital and social media media creators. Today Socialyte facilitates transactions worth more than a million dollars with dozens of brands, from H & M to Dior.

Socialyte connects social media influencing brands trying to reach the same target audience, and managing the talent registry for about 70 years. Alexander and her team Socialyte help brands to hire influential people for their intended purpose: to promote and hopefully sell the product.

"The first question that we ask the brand when they want to get visibility for their brand, product or service,who is your target consumer? ", Said Alexander Insider.We are trying to understand to whom they are striving to assess which influence is best for the program. "

Alexander says that influence market over saturated with indistinguishable content creators.

"Money quickly increased, which caused an influx of influential imitators," Alexander said. "Brands should now be particularly strategic in how they plan their initiatives and go for casting."

Alexander said that this was a shift in influential culture; creators of content should no longer be seasoned writers or photographers. Earlier, Alexander said that bloggers – an influential person of the first generation – reported the news, wrote comments on the industry and hardly recognized themselves. "Now most of the influential people do not have blogs, but those who lost most of their traffic to social activity, "she said.

When you look at the page of an influential person, Alexander looks at the type of audience that deals with its content, not the influence itself. "Many of them are just a means to reach the target consumer," she said.

Choosing the right influence with the desired target audience is the key to effective product promotion. When brands appeal to Socialyte, the team creates a strategy that goes beyond content and casting. "It really considers the end user and the best way to attract the attention of this consumer to a brand, product or service," Alexander said.

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