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We collected seven things that we learned from the eighth episode "Castle and Castle", including the funniest scene and the favorite performance of the week.

Warning about the spoiler

This article has spoilers, so you should only read if you saw the last episode of a series of forensic playwrights. Catch our review of episodes seven here.

Like this:

1. Ben has sex with Kemi

A few days later, Kemi and Ben have sex. The episode opens onto the awkward scene of Ben dressing up and going out at a time when Kemi is looking.

We can not get them to talk about it, but the next day he talks about this with Kubana, likening sex with Kemi to having sex with his cousin. Anyway, Kwabana gives him advice on how to meet two women at the same time.

For a while it seems that he comes with advice, as we see him for dinner with Jessica, during which she accuses him of sleeping with Kemi, but he denies it. A few hours later he agreed to go on a date with Kemi.

However, this "new Ben" lasts a long time, as he eventually apologizes to Jess, confessing that he slept with Kemi.

2. Love for Stella's life is not as great as we would like her to be

The captain, whom we all know, is in love with Stella, tells her that her new lover, Chuks, is a married man. He even shows her a photo as proof.

First, Stella does not think that this is true. But after she collided with Chuk, who eventually recognizes that he has a wife, she apologizes to the captain.

Stella is so angry that she knocks Chuk out of the company, although he still has to complete the work for which he was contracted.


Captain and Stella in the castle and castle

3. Stella is not the only one who has problems with communication

Remy meets a picture of a bikini Nike on the phone Tags. She angrily reminds him that he had only one chance to prove himself, adding that they are made.

When he encounters Nike about sending unacceptable photos to him, she does not quite apologize, but she offers to talk with Remy about this, which Tega disagrees with. According to him, he does not believe that his wife will believe her.

A few days later Remy tells Tege that she is leaving because she thinks they need time and he can not continue to sleep in the office.

The next time we see Tegu and Nike, they share the kiss initiated by the latter. Tega pushes her away before saying that she loves her wife. But, probably, it's too late when they show us the camera fixing the moment.

Considering how brave Nike is about what she wants from Tags, it's hard to believe she was not given, not even a little green light from Mr. Castle.

In addition, what she did is considered sexual harassment, why does not anyone speak of punishing her?

Anyway, after the incident with Nike, Tega drags Remy into a room with shelves, kisses her, promises her that she is the only important woman in his life, and that nothing has happened between him and Nika, and finally convinces Remy to give him another one chance.

It would be interesting to see how things are going between the locks, since we are confident that Nike is not going to let them happily ever. Especially after the kiss with Tag.


Nenek and the unhurried bride

4. The case of the week – about a leisurely bride

In the eighth episode, the approaching bride is approaching the firm. She wants to sue her fiancé for not appearing on her wedding day.

According to her, they were together two days before the Day and even talked on the phone the night before, but he could not appear at the wedding without any excuses.

When the "groom" and his lawyer meet with the bride and her lawyers, we learn that the reason he did not appear was that he found out that he was sleeping with his best friend a few years ago.

When she found out that she was sleeping with her friend a few years ago, she kept it a secret for fear that he would leave her.

Nevertheless, she wants to sue him for breaking the promise of three million Naira. But after much back and forth they make up, forgive each other and agree to actually marry.

5. Malik loses his business to Mike

Malik loses the case of rape to a former colleague Mike, but he thinks that the judge bribed.

Despite obtaining medical evidence, evidence that there are other women who have accused Jimmy of rape in the past, and a witness, Sein Arinde, which testifies against the accused, The referee is still releasing Jimmy.

The scene and the verdict reflect the reality of the victims of rape, which often fail everyone, including the judiciary.

Angry and disappointed Malik does not allow the cause to die. He follows Jimmy at the bar, where he attacks him on the road and tells him that the next time a woman says "no", she actually means "no."

6. The Funniest Scene

The scene between Stella and Nneka the discussion of this mature bride should be the most ridiculous this week.

While Nneca is honestly talking about breaking the promises law, Stella decisively talks about how men are troubled, probably reminiscing her last grief, thanks to Chuks.

We also learn that Nineki's husband, Nnamdi, is a domestic husband who is satisfied with the care of his daughter, the house and is confident that her food is ready when she returns home from work.

They are perfect for each other, "she tells Stella.


Malik loses his business to Mike

7. Favorite performers (s) of the week,

Blossom Chukwujekwu – As in the case of previous episode, Chukwujekwu delivers the Malik character with such brilliance and intensity that makes his pain obvious, but mysterious.

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