6 things you should know about ALAT’s multi-million naira promo

With the manner the past 18 months have treated us (viruses and their variants, unemployment, lack of funds, etc), we all deserve some loving, and I don’t mean TLC, we all need some ‘money-loving’.

It seems ALAT by Wema Bank heard this and decided to go on a nine-month spree! In July, the digital bank started its 5 for 5 promo to award its customers and in only one month 71 winners were awarded cash prizes. Before you start shouting ‘God when’, you may want to hold on and read to the end.

Here’s all you need to know about the multi-million naira promo and how you can participate:

Are you still thinking about it? Okay, let’s show you some of the things you should know about the ongoing promo:

  1. It Is Open To All ALAT and Wema Bank customers: To stand a chance of winning the cash money you need to start by having an ALAT or Wema Bank account. This automatically makes it easy for you to qualify.
  2. Fund that account: You need to fund your account with at least ₦5,000 and carry out a minimum of five transactions on either the ALAT app or the USSD code *945# while maintaining a minimum account balance of ₦10,000 at the end of the month. This means that if you credit your phone with five ₦100 transactions, you could stand a chance too! *evil grin*
  3. 33 million naira is up for grabs: A whopping 33 million naira will be won by the end of March 2021. It’s now a matter of whether you would be one of those millionaires or not, and the ball’s in your court.
  4. 568 winners to go: Just in case you did not understand the enormity of this, so far, there have been 71 winners in just one month. Interesting right? And from all indications, there will be 71 more winners per month for the next eight months. That means 568 winners to go! Now, that’s something worth thinking about…
  5. There’s an open draw: Winners will be selected based on an open draw – fair and oh so sweet. This means that there is a beautiful chance that the needle can spin your way. This may be the time to summon that prophet or imam for that extra layer of prayers… Lol.. Okay, we are serious.

If you are already an existing customer, you know what to do. If you are not a customer yet, you can download the ALAT app here. Enough said.



Source: PulseNG

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