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I can imagine  you feel  like you’re hitting rock  bottom trying to figure out just  what kind of business  branding could make your business  last for years  and  gradually grow  into the  empire you’ve always desired  it  to be.

Hurry up, take the  bus, kick rocks and let’s rob minds  together. Here are a  few  perfect  ideas in motion!

1.  Think impressions

Okay, you’ve  probably heard many times that “first impression matter”. You need to understand that your brand’s  name should be  able to give  a firsthand info preview on what it actually offers at the mention before other questions pop up. And  whatever impression it gives is the legacy you’re giving out to the public and this is just what everyone would love to retain about you. Your brand name should be related to the actual focus else  you’ll  be making a world class effort at making a joke of your brand if it doesn’t.

2. Customer care

Customer satisfaction is one  way of ensuring  that  your brand lives  longer than  average  and probably last a couple decades. Thinking  out ways  to impress  your customers, satisfy them and keep  them  satisfied  all  through  is a good technique to boost your brand’s  relevance and  ensure that attention is never shifted  or hijacked. Displeased customers can easily divert to other sources  but if they stay satisfied, losing  them  would be a  difficult  assignment.

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Social media  marketing

(Online Marketing)


3.  Implement Social media  marketing

The effect of social media on  branding and marketing can never be  over emphasized.  Its  involvement with the  success  trail  has become  so obvious that any brand failing to secure the use of social media for interaction and  marketing  is deemed outdated and  almost nonexistent. Explore different avenues  of the  social world and  increase your brand  awareness. Truth is, social  media does more good than harm when  it comes to strategic marketing.

4.  Understand your  brand  has  a Magnetic influence

View your brand as  a magnet because it actually does  have a magnet influence to attract. The strength  of your  brand’s magnetic  field determines  how  much attention it can  drag  and sustain. Now your major aim should be  centrally focused  on increasing the strength  of your brands  magnetic field and of course  there are more than a thousand ways you can accomplish that which includes self innovated ways that are unique to you!

5.  Consistency and Focus

Another major factor that has  contributed to the  lasting existence of  brands  like Lipton and  Indomie is their  consistency. These  brands  have  maintained their production quality,  name and  household relevance over the years. Obviously, their focus  on satisfying consumers  has  helped them to remain invaluable today. Focus  is very important,  in business there are no Sentiments because  allowing sentiments would only ruin your career.

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Consistency and focus

Consistency and focus

(Chris Salazar)


6.  Do not  copy

In the industry of business,there are so many opportunities  for copying and  unsurprisingly many copy cats have  hijacked  such opportunities  without thinking  twice about the  consequences. Truth is, copying  would only decrease your relevance in the industry because when consumers discern that there is another product very much similar to yours with no much difference and  that the  l after has even been in existence before yours, chances are you’ll lose patronage and attention would be diverted.

Conclusively it is best to focus on building your castle, believe me no doubts, honest efforts, hard work and dedication builds better!

Written By Kingsley Umeh.

Kingsley Umeh is a blogger , business avid and online entrepreneur that loves sharing new business ideas for new and existing entrepreneurs on how to run, and manage their business with less risk. Connect him via his blog Gistdeck.com

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