4 Of the Best Qualities Every Successful Solopreneur Must Have


Would you like to become a successful solopreneur, but afraid you will not be able to succeed? Becoming a solopreneur is challenging, but if you are smart enough you can do the wonders. Nowadays, approximately 30% of US population are solopreneurs and it is predicted that the number will increase further to 40% by 2020. So, if you are thinking to succeed as a solopreneur, here are some important characteristics of smart solopreneurs. Building these habits can help solopreneurs to run their business successfully.

Be Specific About Project Scope

Most solopreneurs do not ask too much questions about a project while accepting it. It is important to get clarity of a project from the beginning to avoid any potential problems. Clearly ask project goals, budget limitation, and timelines you have to meet with and different other aspects. It is also critical to know about project scope, expected outputs and deliverables of the particular project to make it a big success.

Make Sure Your Project Stays on Track

It is important to make sure your project stays on the right track and within the scope. Planning for checkpoints while it is in progress is simply the best idea. It works best for long-term projects and projects that have different elements or phases. It is important to understand that project expectations can and usually do shift. Therefore, make sure you have established checkpoints to analyze yourself and check the status of the project objectives, roles and vision. If it sees the project is not properly fitting its actual scope, or you come across some potential problems, do not wait to voice your concerns.

Consistency is the Key

Consistency is very important for both business owners and customers. But as a solopreneur – a one-person shop, it is very challenging to meet deadlines and provide high quality work again and again. It is important to stay consistent if you really want your sincere clients to keep coming back to you time after time.

And obviously, you do want that. Getting enough projects is the biggest challenge for solopreneurs. Being consistent and dependable will keep customers with regular work coming back to you on a regular basis. If truth to be told, such dependable and long-term relationships are the foundation of successful solopreneur career.

Stay Organized

Being a solopreneur has so many perks, but the fact that you are only one person organization and there is no one to manage your tasks, remind you of meetings, do project planning and keep your projects on track except you. Using an online task management tool is a worthwhile choice to keep all your assignment organized. An online project management software can greatly help solopreneurs to meet their deadlines, easily integrate into their workflows and juggle projects in different stages of completion.


Source by Saher Naseem

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