3 Things People That Quit Weed And Succeed Have In Common


Many people who smoke marijuana, do it rarely or sometimes smoke, and they have no problems with care. However, people who smoke regularly, or for a long time, who are trying to quit marijuana, are experiencing real problems emerging from drugs.

Marijuana can be addictive for the average user.

With the increased potency of marijuana, many people are now becoming addicted. Worldwide, literally millions of people regularly smoke marijuana, and more than 90% of them try to quit at some point in their lives.

Will they leave the weed and succeed?

No, many people who try to quit marijuana will fail. In fact, most people who try to quit will fail within the first two weeks and continue to smoke for many years. Sometimes these people will smoke weed for the rest of their lives.

Although many people fail, there are some that stop weeds properly. As a result, these people manage to continue their lives after a strong dependence on marijuana.

There are three main things that people who abandoned weed and success have a common resemblance.

Although these people all come from different walks of life, they are alike in different ways, and this is probably not what you think. They do not all use the magic pill to help them stop smoking. They do not have extensive exercise regimes (although some of them). They do not have life-threatening situations requiring complete health.

None of these things are needed. However, they all have several similarities.

  1. Everyone who leaves the weed and succeeds has reached a point in their life in which getting the maximum is no longer seen as a good thing. Either he gives them headaches, makes them sick, or gives them dissatisfaction with feelings of guilt or something like that. The fact is that they still see marijuana differently, it is no longer recreational and, of course, no reward in life.
  2. Anyone who leaves a weed and succeeds almost always tried to throw a weed before, and sees dependence as a problem. Sometimes you need to fail several times before realizing the seriousness of the situation. As a rule, marijuana is easy to watch, and it needs to be changed to quit smoking. These people know that they have a dependency, and realize that the longer they leave the problem, the more serious it can become.
  3. Everyone who leaves the weed and is responsible. Living and smoking weeds every day is not as bad as a teenager, but as you get older, you lean hard on responsibility, and weed smoking not only declines in priority, but also actually interferes with your new life. These responsibilities in life are often the driving force that allows people to leave marijuana behind and start taking action.

Not all people have problems with marijuana, however, because the potency of marijuana grows every year, marijuana has become a much stronger drug, and more and more people are facing a problem of dependence that is difficult to solve.


Source by Seb Grant

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