$200m Globe Motors rolls out Hyundai, Higer commercial vehicle

The company Globe Motors began production of commercial vehicles Hyundai and Higer at its assembly plant in Lagos.

The plant located along the Aleko-Ibegu-Lecky district in Lagos, with an installed capacity of 6,000 vehicles per year, is a product of more than $ 200 million in investments that Globe Motors initiated three years ago, which became a reality; knocking down new Hyundai and Higer commercial vehicles.

The company said that capacity can be increased depending on market demand.

Globe Motors is among the 30 local automakers accredited by the National Council for the Design and Development of Vehicles (NADDC) under the Nigerian Automobile Industry Development Plan (NAIDP).

The company's managing director, Mr. Victor Ogualam, who spoke with reporters at the plant, said that the project became a reality due to the tireless efforts of the company to contribute to the development of the automotive industry in Nigeria.

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