10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, AMD, GM, HMC, UPWK, DVMT) – Finance

Global bond revenues just exploded., The 10-year US yield rose 3 basis points on Thursday morning to 3.21%, which is the highest since May 2011. Basic income is about 15 bp from the beginning of Tuesday.

Stanley Druckenmiller unloads onto insurmountable cars that break markets, and explains how they kept him from domination, “These algos brought the entire rhythm out of the market and became very confusing for me,” Druckenmiller RealVision.com said in an exclusive interview with Business Insider. “When you take a price action against news from those who have used price news as their primary disciplinary tool for 35 years, it’s hard and it has become very hard. I don't know where all this is going. ”

GM and Honda join forces on self-propelled cars, Honda will invest $ 2 billion over 12 years in collaboration with the independent division of GM Cruise, with additional investments of $ 750 million, bringing the Cruise estimate to $ 14.6 billion, automakers report on Wednesday.

AMD moves to bear market before moving to Moody & # 39; s, Chipmaker dropped more than 8% at the beginning of Wednesday, reducing his September highs to 22% before receiving an update at Moody's rating agency, which showed strength in gaming consoles, such as Xbox PlayStation.

Upwork takes off in his debut bid, Shares reached 57% in their debut Nasdaq release, before up to 41% totaled $ 21.18 apiece.

Dell met with bankers to study IPOs if its VMware software stock plan failed, Dell confirmed Wednesday that it met with some investment banks to examine the initial public offering, in case its buyout plan tracked down VMware shares – of which he owns 80% – in a cash transaction of $ 2.17 billion. Doll. US through, reports Reuters.

Danske Bank faces criminal US $ 235 billion money laundering scandal, “We are cooperating with the authorities investigating us as a result of this case,” said Danske Bank interim CEO Jesper Nielsen. “However, it is too early to talk about any results of the investigation.”

Stock markets around the world are mixed, Japanese Nikkei (-0.61%) stretches in Asia and the British FTSE (-0.48%) leads in Europe. The S & P 500 is set to decline at 0.38% to about 2.914.

Revenue reporting remains easy, Brands constellation reports before bidding, and Costco publishes quarterly results after markets close.

US economy continues to flow, Initial claims will be issued at 8:30 am EST before factory orders and durable goods cross the wires at 10 meters ET.

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