1 senior citizen dies every 20 minutes from fall


The pain expert said that every 20 minutes an elderly citizen aged 65 or older dies from falling or remains severely injured from a fall, which causes a fracture of the hip to be a common occurrence.

The physiotherapist, Dr. Eze Nnamdi, exclusively told the Daily Trust that studies have shown that older citizens or elders aged 65 and over have a higher tendency to fall more often than young people.

"Imagine an elderly man or woman walking downstairs to use the toilet or walk in the comfort of your home, and suddenly leave and fall. It's disastrous, "he said.

The expert said that the fall is a complex phenomenon involving many factors not limited to muscle weakness, as well as coordination in the brain.

He said that the decline is a common cause of morbidity and disability in the elderly, more than one-third of those over 65 years of age each year.

"It's no surprise that with age our muscles begin to weaken and do not become as strong as we would like them to be so that we can play more with our grandchildren and walk more often to maintain a shape, the vision also begins to fail on some thereby increasing our chance to fall. These factors play a huge role, especially when the old man walks along an irregular surface, "he said.

Studies have shown that the risk of falling increases in proportion to the severity of chronic musculoskeletal pain, the number of joints affected and interference in our daily activities.

The expert notes that the fall is also the result of acute illness or adverse reactions to drugs in people's environment, and one good way to avoid falling is using a cane.

On the cane, the expert said: "We do not want to get involved with him, because this is a sign of weakness, and the tendency to fall and fall more often."

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